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Adult education and training funding

Belgium - German-Speaking Community

3.Funding in education

3.3Adult education and training funding

Last update: 27 November 2023

Main funding principles

See below. 

Fees paid by learners

Public employment service and "IAWM"

Access to continuing education and training programmes provided by both public-sector institutions Public Employment Service and IAWM is free. However, in the case of seminars and vocational training courses, the companies concerned are expected to carry a share of the costs.

Adult education

In all institutions for adult education learners – since 1986 - have to pay registration fees, the amount of which depends on the kind and volume of training or course and on the trainee's status.

The following groups only have to pay a reduced registration fee :

  • unemployed registered job applicants or people with replacement income for whom an adequate education programme has been outlined;
  • asylum seekers;
  • people with refugee status.

Under age pupils being subject to compulsory part-time school attendance do not have to pay a registration fee.

Registration fee is to pay each year (in September/October) at the beginning of the course or training in the institutions for adult education, and is transferred by the institutions to the Ministry of the German-speaking Community.

(Legislation : Decree dated July 17, 1995 on Registration and Tuition Fees in Education; a Governmental Decree dated December 20, 1995 and one dated October 7, 1998)

Training and continuing training in agriculture and other organizations

Concerning initiatives of professional associations and non-vocational and non-formal adult education provided by private organisations, the participants pay a registration fee, which mainly serves to pay the course leader. The working and personnel costs of approbated private organisations for adult education are subsidized by the DG Ministry on the basis of criteria laid down in a decree.

(Legislation : Decree dated 18 January 1993 Concerning the Approbation and Subsidization of Organisations for Adult Education, and Governmental Decree dated 7 May 1993 Concerning the Approbation and Subsidization of Organisations for Adult Education)

Financial support for adult learners

See information provided above.

Subsidies for private providers

See information provided above.