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Teachers and education staff

Belgium - German-Speaking Community

9.Teachers and education staff

Last update: 27 November 2023

Initial teacher training

In the German-speaking Community, the initial training of kindergarten teachers and primary school teachers is organised. These are university studies of short duration, which end with the award of a Bachelor's degree. Teacher training for the other school levels must be completed at colleges or universities outside the German-speaking Community.

Independently of this, there is a pedagogical certificate of qualification or a pedagogical teaching qualification to be obtained at the Autonomous University of the German-speaking Community. 

Conditions of employment of teachers

With the exception of the pension system, for which the federal state is responsible, the Parliament and the Government of the German-speaking Community are responsible for all conditions of employment for teachers.

Professional development of teachers

According to the decree of 31 August 1998, all teachers are obliged to participate in regular further training. Since 2010, the Autonomous Hochschule Ostbelgien is responsible for the organisation and implementation of in-service training for teachers.