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Teachers and Education Staff


9.Teachers and Education Staff

Last update: 27 November 2023

Teachers trained for the education system supply a wide range of teaching categories, including, pre-school, primary, basic and secondary education, non-formal child education, vocational, social needs, special education, specialists working with sight and hearing impaired learners, adult education and education management specialists.

The objective of teacher training is to create the optimal conditions for individuals to acquire the professional competences necessary to work effectively in schools and develop positive qualities guided by the values of humanism, democracy, contemporary national identity and renewal. With this strong skillset, teachers are well equipped to help their pupils achieve the competences required to become fully functioning members of modern society.

The conditions of service for teachers are regulated by the Labour Code, government resolutions and other legislation. The responsibility for teachers’ conditions of service lies with the Government, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, municipalities and the management boards of educational institutions.

In the face of a teacher shortage, the State is taking steps to encourage graduates to study Education. In 2022, those enrolled in the most desirable pedagogical studies will receive a €299/month scholarship, and €506/month for those who have a contract with a state or municipal school with a 3-year commitment. The number of state-funded places in pedagogical vocational studies has been increased. There are also more opportunities for professionals in other fields to become teachers and to qualify as a teacher while they are still working. The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport is also working on a new career model for teachers. The aim is to foster teachers’ careers based on trust, and encourage an open-minded and consistently improving education workforce.

Teachers are provided with the conditions for continuing professional development. Education legislation, specifies that teachers must regularly upgrade their professional qualifications and are entitled to at least five days a year for attending in-service training (professional development) events. In addition, participation in continuing professional development leads to increases in salaries, and/or career benefits.