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Management and other education staff

Belgium - German-Speaking Community

10.Management and other education staff

Last update: 27 November 2023

The administration and management of the schools and the staff are the responsibility of the principals :

In secondary schools with at least 550 pupils, the principal is assisted by a deputy principal (in GUW schools, also known as an interim principal). Sub-directors are deputy principals.

In ordinary secondary schools, 2 to 3 half-time posts are also arranged in the middle management function, depending on the size of the school. In the large technical and vocational schools, workshop managers are also employed who support the headmaster in carrying out management and coordination tasks. In the remedial secondary school, the director is assisted by several heads of department and a head of workshop".

In the elementary and school education sector, the decree of 31 August 1998 serves as a basis for the missions of supervisory staff, quality control staff and staff responsible for support and advisory services.

In higher education, the decree of 27 June 2005 serves as a basis for the missions of management, quality control and support and guidance staff.