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Management and other education staff


10.Management and other education staff

Last update: 27 November 2023

The law regarding the autonomy, administration and management of public pre-school establishments and basic and upper secondary schools was reviewed in 2008. It meets three main goals:

  • to encourage families and communities to participate more actively in school leadership strategies thereby ensuring not only the right of the agents, namely the teaching staff, to take part in the educational process, but also enable everyone who has a lawful interest in the activity and in the life of each school a more effective capacity of intervention.

  • to strengthen school leadership, so that in each school someone at the top is given the necessary authority to develop the school’s educational project and carry out on-the-spot educational policy measures.

  • to strengthen the school’s autonomy, conferring upon the head teacher a greater capacity to react and institute a system of evaluation and accountability.

In 2012, the autonomy, administration and management system of public pre-school establishments and basic and upper secondary schools was changed, in order to gradually consolidate the autonomy and greater organisational and pedagogical flexibility of schools, which is essential to improve the public education system.