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Organisation of post-secondary non-tertiary education

Belgium - German-Speaking Community

6.Secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary education

6.10Organisation of post-secondary non-tertiary education

Last update: 27 November 2023

Types of institutions

The German-speaking Community only subsidises one educational facility: the vocational secondary school in medical and health care sciences. This department is not organised by a secondary school but by the Department for Medical and Health Care at the Autonome Hochschule, the only university in the German-speaking Community.

Geographical accessibility

The vocational secondary school in medical and health care sciences is organised at the Autonome Hochschule in the German-speaking Community, which is located in Eupen.

Admission requirements and choice of school

Admission requirements to enrol in the first year include:

- have a certificate of completion of upper secondary education or indifferent proof of study;

- present proof of physical fitness;

- present a certificate of good character.

Age levels and grouping of pupils/students

See above. 

Organisation of the School Year

See section 6.1.5

Organisation of the School Day and Week

See section 6.1.6

The students regularly participate in practical rotations during the entire duration of their studies. During these weeks, they work according to the working hours of the wards or departments of the care institution at which they are placed.