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Educational support and guidance

Belgium - German-Speaking Community

12.Educational support and guidance

Last update: 27 November 2023

Article 6.1 of the Decree of 31 August 1998 provides that "every pupil is entitled to an education appropriate to his or her needs. The aim of such assistance is to support and encourage all pupils, including those with disabilities, adaptation or learning difficulties, in the acquisition of educational, social and societal skills. It offers pupils help and orientation in adopting values, attitudes and behaviour.

An evaluation of the pupils' abilities and limitations is the basis for the implementation of individual support. When implementing individual support, it is important to ensure that it takes place in the pupil's natural environment, as close as possible to his or her place of origin, integrated in a regular school class if possible and, if necessary, that support educational measures are implemented by granting an integration project or by attending a special school. Preventive measures as well as early recognition of individual support needs must also be taken into account".