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Organisational variations and alternative structures in single-structure education


5.Single-structure primary and lower secondary education

5.4Organisational variations and alternative structures in single-structure education

Last update: 21 June 2022

Children can acquire primary art educationsimultaneously with primary school education. Primary art education is carried out at art schools (music and fine art) according to educational programme for primary art education. In accordance with the educational programme, primary art education takes three, six or nine years (music school), whereas ballet school takes four or six year.

A parent can organise home-schooling for their child. They are obliged to notify the school in which the child is enrolled, at least two months before the start of education. Besides the name and surname of the child, the notice also includes the address where the education will be carried out, as well as information on the persons who will provide home-schooling. School is obliged to organise the assessment of pupils’ knowledge in all subjects of the relevant grade at the end of the term, i.e. at the end of the school year. The method and procedure for the assessment of home-schooled pupils is prescribed by the Rulebook on the manner and procedure of the assessment of home-schooled pupils.

If a home-schooled pupil does not acquire the standard of knowledge at the end of the school year, he/she will repeat the grade and must continue education at school.

Home-schooling may be organised for reasons other than health issues as well.