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Assessment in post-secondary non-tertiary education


6.Upper secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary Education

6.9Assessment in post-secondary non-tertiary education

Last update: 28 March 2024

Assessment in Post-Secondary Non-Tertiary Education

The assessment of knowledge, skills and competences is carried out for all subjects and modules at the exam, in accordance with the educational program. The manner and procedure for evaluating learners in post-secondary non-tertiary vocational education is regulated in more detail by the Rulebook on the manner and procedure of assessment students in vocational schools.

The graduation exam, at the end of post-secondary non-tertiary vocational education, consists of the preparation and defence of the graduation paper.

Progression of Learners

A post-secondary non-tertiary vocational school learner progresses to the succeeding grade if he/she has received positive marks from all subjects and modules, in accordance with provisions of the Law on Vocational Education. Post-secondary non-tertiary vocational school learner can repeat the same grade once.

At a post-secondary non-tertiary vocational school marks for the subjects, i.e. modules and the general performance of learners, are determined at the end of the term and the teaching, i.e. school year.


The General Law on Education prescribes an obligation of institution carrying out publicly valid educational programmes to issue public documents. At the end of the first and the second grade of post-secondary non-tertiary education, a learner receives the final report card. After completing the graduation exam, a learner receives a diploma. An integral part of the diploma on obtaining a level of post-secondary non-tertiary vocational education is a diploma supplement that has been harmonized with EUROPASS.

Qualifications acquired by completing post-secondary non-tertiary vocational education are classified under level V of the Qualifications Framework and correspond to the level V of the European Qualifications Framework.