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Initial education for teachers and trainers working in adult education and training


9.Teachers and education staff

9.7Initial education for teachers and trainers working in adult education and training

Last update: 27 November 2023

Adult education in Montenegro is carried out by teachers, teaching associates, practical education trainers, lecturers, facilitators and other professionals in accordance with the law regulating the relevant field of education, educational programme, i.e. programme of education.

In Montenegro, there is an extremely small number of experts who acquired their initial andragogical knowledge at university. The study programme of Andragogy is not implemented at any Montenegrin higher education institution. Therefore, the initial education for teachers working in adult education need not be of andragogical profession.

However, according to the Law on Adult Education, the persons engaged in adult education provision have to be andragogically trained, as working with adults requires special andragogical didactic and methodical knowledge and skills. Therefore, after starting to work in this field, teachers/trainers are undergo education and professionally developed according to the Programme of andragogical training for teachers working in adult education.

A large number of teaching staff who have not been trained to work with adult learners still work in adult education. It is therefore necessary to implement in the coming period new activities for carrying out compulsory andragogical training of teaching staff.