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Types of higher education institutions


7.Higher education

7.1Types of higher education institutions

Last update: 3 April 2024

Higher education in Montenegro may be provided by the universities and other higher education institutions, which are licensed and accredited in accordance with the Law on Higher Education.

A university or some other institution is founded as a public or private institution and has the capacity of a legal person acquired after being entered into an adequate register. The first private Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management started from September 2004 in Bar.

Public and private HE institutions are covered by the same Law on Higher Education. The Ministry of Education issues a license to an institution, changes it and divests an institution of it.

For the time being higher education in Montenegro is acquired at four universities:

Please find attached the List of the accredited and licensed higher education institutions and study programs.

University of Montenegro is the only public university in Montenegro. It was officially established in 1974, comprising three faculties (economics, engineering, and law). Today, this University consists of 19 faculties and 2 research institutes, which are located in different towns throughout Montenegro. The seat of the University is in Podgorica. Around 21,000 students are currently enrolled at this university.

Total number of students in Montenegro at all higher education institutions is about 25,000.