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Mobility in adult education and training


13.Mobility and internationalisation

13.3Mobility in adult education and training

Last update: 27 November 2023

Mobility in adult education mainly takes place through the European programmes Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig and Erasmus+. The Leonardo da Vinci Programme promotes cooperation between European institutions and organisations that offer professional education and training. In the framework of Leonardo da Vinci, mobility and cooperation schemes, as well as training activities, are financed. The Leonardo da Vinci-Mobility Action supports mobility of persons in initial vocational training (IVT), people in the labour market (PLM) and professional trainers in vocational education and training (VETPRO).

The Grundtvig Programme addresses the teaching and learning needs of those in all forms of adult education (formal, informal, not formal), as well as the institutions and organisations providing or facilitating such education. The Programme provides opportunities for adults to improve their knowledge and skills, facilitates mobility for people engaged in adult education and improves pedagogical approaches and the management of organisations providing adult education.

The Erasmus + Programme for adults includes projects which support the participation of staff of Cyprus organizations/Vocational and Adult Education Centres in learning mobility activities. Interested organisations or Adult Education Centres take up the role of submitting an application, having in advance identified and agreed on the context and the schedule of the training with the receiving institutions abroad, based on their needs, which have to be described at application phase. Each activity has to involve at least two organisations from two different countries: one sending organisation and one receiving organisation.

Learner mobility in adult education

Leonardo da Vinci Programme

In 2011, Cyprus was allocated €1,474,072.00 of which €878,870.00 for Mobility. A total number of 46 applications were approved, of which 34 for People in the Labour Market (PLM), 8 for Vocational Education and Training Professionals (VETPRO) and 4 for Initial Vocational Training (IVT).

All universities participate in the PLM Action, which offers young university graduates the opportunity to be placed in companies or organisations in EU countries. 

Grundtvig Programme

In 2011, Cyprus was allocated a total of €385,468.00 in the framework of the Grundtvig Programme.  


In 2011, €1.389.328.00 was allocated to 32 institutions in Cyprus (including Technical Schools) for Vocational Education and Adult Training.


Teacher mobility in adult education

Leonardo da Vinci – VETPRO Mobility

Eight professional institutions responsible for vocational education and training were approved to participate in professional meetings or seminars in European countries, with the total subsidy for VETPRO coming to €83,728.00 in the period 2011-2012.

Grundtvig – Training of Educational Personnel

Under this programme, seven trainers involved in adult continuing education and training were approved to participate in in-service seminars of one to four weeks duration in the period 2011-2012, with a total cost estimated at €15,900.00.