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National reforms in early childhood education and care


14.Ongoing reforms and policy developments

14.1National reforms in early childhood education and care

Last update: 13 June 2022
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Increase in the age of first enrollment in the pre-primary education

As a result of the Decision of the Ministry Council of January 9, 2018 (Decision No 84.078), the age of children starting pre-primary education has changed in the last few years as follows; in 2020-2021, the age to register in pre-primary education changed from 4 years and 8 months to 4 years and 10 months and starting September 2022, the attendance age of children will be 5 years old.


Supplementary Health Protocol for Kindergartens

The reopening of the Kindergartens in the conditions of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 epidemic (COVID-19) in Cyprus, must be done in appropriate, controlled and careful conditions of safety and health, so as to eliminate and / or reduce to a large extent the risk of spreading the virus to both children and to kindergarten staff (kindergarten teachers and other staff) and consequently to society as a whole (parents / guardians, etc.). For this purpose, a Safety and Health Management Guide for Coronavirus Conditions in Kindergartens, is included in the Health Protocol for Primary Schools in SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

The Health Protocol for Primary Schools is applied for the reopening of kindergartens, however, due to the age of the children and their needs, the schedule of the Kindergartens as well as their particularities (eg size of the school unit, number of staff, layout of the classroom, etc.), there is a need for reasonable adaptations of the Protocol and continuous supervision of the children, with the involvement of all the teaching and non-teaching staff of the kindergarten.