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National reforms in higher education


14.Ongoing reforms and policy developments

14.4National reforms in higher education

Last update: 27 November 2023
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There have been no reforms.


Digital upgrade path by TEPAK for sustainable assessment in Higher Education

During the pandemic, 95% of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) were affected and educational institutions worldwide (including Cyprus) shifted teaching and learning to distance learning emergency to meet the constraints and challenges posed by the pandemic of COVID-19. This situation had an impact on the way students were assessed.

The DigitalHEIights (Erasmus +) project was undertaken by TEPAK (Technological University of Cyprus), to promote a sustainable path for the transformation of assessment into higher education by developing digital readiness, resilience and competence and supporting digital skills, using the DigComp Edu Framework for Higher Education. 

More specifically, this project aims to support the digital upgrading of faculty members in the field of digital evaluation and the development of integrated training material in the field of digital evaluation that will support academic members and researchers. The intention is to enhance teachers' pedagogical skills in assessment through digital media.


There have been no reforms.