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EACEA National Policies Platform:Eurydice
Educational support and guidance

Republic of North Macedonia

12.Educational support and guidance

Last update: 17 January 2024




In the Republic of North Macedonia the support and guidance to learners is legally regulated by Laws and Bylaws that apply to each level of education separately.

In the ECEC sector the Law on Child Protection that regulates the work of the pre-school institutions and Law for Social Protection that stipulates equal opportunities for all children and guarantees their right to education. Within this sector there are Standards for Early Learning and Development and Program for Early Learning to stimulate the overall development and learning of all children.

In the school education the Law for Primary Schools, the Law for Secondary Schools and the Law for Vocational Education and Training regulate the provision of equal educational opportunities and a number of Bylaws further elaborate the support for various groups of pupils. In the primary school sector the Concept for inclusive education specifies directions for improving the inclusive practices in primary schools. In the Higher Education the Law for Higher education makes provisions for the aspects of educational support and guidance.

The overarching support for inclusiveness is given in the Strategy for Education 2018-2025, where improving the inclusiveness of the educational system is a goal for all levels of education. The goals of the Strategy are mainly connected to ensuring quality of education to all, increasing the catchment of children in the ECEC sector (which is low at the moment due to limited capacity of the sector), supporting the professional development of staff and ensuring succession and progress of learners through all levels of education, as well as enhancing the school to work transition.