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EACEA National Policies Platform:Eurydice
Administration and governance at central and/or regional level

Republic of North Macedonia

2.Organisation and governance

2.6Administration and governance at central and/or regional level

Last update: 27 November 2023

The Ministry of Education and Science is the competent government institution for planning, organization and implementation of the educational policies at central level. The functioning of the Ministry of Education and Science is supported by several bodies: Bureau for Development of Education, Pedagogical Service, Centre for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education Centre. The Ministry and their bodies are responsible for the following activities in the realm of education:

  • Defining and implementing the education policies;
  • Preparing the legislative and strategic documents (strategies, programmes and action plans);
  • Coordinating the work of all competent government institutions and bodies in the education sector;
  • Organization of the preparation, adoption and provision of textbooks for the schools;
  • Monitoring of the functioning of all schools and universities;
  • Implementation of the international cooperation activities in the realm of education;
  • Adoption of the syllabi and curriculum in the primary and secondary education;
  • Planning of the supply of the teachers and their professional development.

The National Examinations Centre is mainly responsible for organising and proving different types of assessments of students (such as State Matura exams) including international assessments (such as PISA and TIMSS). In addition, it provides training, assessment and certification of principals (candidates for principals) of educational institutions. NEC is an independent structure subordinated directly to the Government but is funded through the BDE budget. The Centre produces regular reports and owns extensive information about the academic progression of pupils at national, regional and community levels.

The State Inspectorate for Education is competent institution for supervision of the work of the schools, their compliance with the legislation, the implementation of schools annual plans and curriculum, professional development of the teachers, process of recruitment and employment of teachers, implementation of extra-curricular activities, and implementation of the experimental programmes in selected schools. The Inspectorate is also responsible for supervision over the adherence to the higher education legislation by the higher education institution and the process of adoption of their study programmes.

The National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility is a public institution established by Law adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia. The aim of the National agency for European educational programs and mobility is to promote and implement the European educational programs in North Macedonia. As of 2014, North Macedonia participates in the Erasmus+ Programme as a Programme Country.