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Continuing professional development for academic staff working in higher education


9.Teachers and education staff

9.6Continuing professional development for academic staff working in higher education

Last update: 27 November 2023

With a view to constantly upgrading the level of provided studies, the academic staff is entitled to sabbatical leaves for attendance at Universities or research centers receiving a full salary or even additional salary increments, as analysed below.

Organisational aspects

In Higher Education a kind of continuing training has been established by means of sabbatical leaves for attendance at research centers and Universities.  Emphasis is given to the international presence of faculty members and this has to do with the ongoing decision for their development or election in conjunction with their overall teaching and their overall scientific and research activity.

Incentives for participation in continuing professional development (CDP) activities

According to law 4957/2022, education staff in Higher Education Institutions  are entitled to sabbatical leaves, receiving full income, with a maximum limit of up to one (1) academic year for every six (6) years of continuous service or up to one (1) academic semester for every three (3) years of continuous service.  Professors may exercise their right to sabbatical leaves only within three years after completing three years of service at the institution.  The right for sabbatical leave is not lost, but it is added to the sabbatical leave corresponding to the next six or three years, if it is not granted within the time provided.  Professors spending their sabbatical leave abroad cooperating, without receiving any payment, with foreign higher education institutions or other institutions, receive full payment incremented by 80%. Professors are entitled to unpaid leaves, provided that the Faculty’s smooth operation is not disrupted. The overall duration of unpaid leaves granted to a professor must not exceed three years.  Scientific leave is not granted to teachers who have less than two years for retirement.