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Other dimensions of internationalisation in higher education


13.Mobility and internationalisation

13.5Other dimensions of internationalisation in higher education

Last update: 27 November 2023
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Serbia has entered the Bologna process by the adoption of the Bologna Declaration in 2003 and the adoption of the Lisbon Recognition Convention in 2004. The objective of these actions was the harmonization of Serbian education system with the education systems of EU countries; in other words, the entrance into the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Accordingly, Serbia has adopted the Law on Higher Education in 2005 as the reform law which was intended to make these goals legally binding for all higher education institutions (HEIs) in Serbia. 

Mobility of Grants

The Fund for Young Talents provides scholarships for around 500 students per year intended for studying abroad. One of the conditions for students is that they have to return to Serbia upon completing their studies and spend at least 5 years working in Serbia.