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Funding in education


3.Funding in education

Last update: 27 November 2023

Public educational institutions (from preschool education to tertiary education) are primarily funded from the state budget, while private educational institutions do not receive any direct or indirect public funding. The preparatory school programme in public institutions is free of charge for children in half-day care, and it is participatory (80% provided by the municipality and up to 20% by parents) for children in full-day care. Public primary and secondary education is free of charge. Tertiary public education is primarily state-funded.

The system of the financing of public educational institutions is an input-based system. The sources of financing are the following: 1. Republic (around 80%), 2. province (up to 5%) and 3. local government (around 15%).

The main goals of education are that it should be available, democratic, and inclusive. The Government’s intention is to provide equal access to educational institutions for all students.