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Organisation and governance


2.Organisation and governance

Last update: 6 February 2024

Approved by Law No 46/86, 14 October  (subsequently amended by Laws No 115/97, 19 September49/2005, 30 August, and 85/2009, 27 August), the Education Act establishes the general framework of the Portuguese education system, comprising all the means used to provide the right to education, the guarantee of continuous training that fosters the overall development of personality, social progress and the democratisation of society.

According to this Law, the education system operates via different structures and actions that are the responsibility of different public, private and cooperative institutions and organisations.

It covers all of Portugal, both the mainland and autonomous regions, but it should be sufficiently flexible and diverse to include all countries and places where Portuguese communities live or where there is considerable interest in the development and dissemination of Portuguese culture.

The Ministry of Education is responsible for coordinating policy in basic and upper secondary education, while the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education oversees higher education.