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Organisational variations and alternative structures in ECEC


4.Early childhood education and care

4.5Organisational variations and alternative structures in ECEC

Last update: 30 January 2024

The National Standards for Early Childhood Education and Care Services (0-3 Years) (2021) make provision for work-based childcare centres. The largest hospital and a large hotel that operate on the island run their own childcare centres. These Childcare Centres are to abide to identical standards set for centre-based settings.  Work-Based services are provided within the premises occupied by an employer where employees work and where the building is exclusively used as a work hub. Work-based Centres must be appropriately equipped, and only used for the provision of ECEC services to children of workers employed by that same employer. The nature of the work operations and other factors in the vicinity must not present any hazard to children using this service or in some way limit the provision of the service. Such centres must meet all the criteria applicable for centre-based services, with the exception that they need not have a separate entrance.