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Higher education


7.Higher education

Last update: 21 June 2022
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Higher Education


The University of Malta, the Malta College of Arts Science and Technology (MCAST)and the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) are the publicly-funded educational institutions providing higher education courses. 

Chapter 327 of the Laws of Malta - The Education Act - establishes the legal framework for the governance and structure of the University of Malta as well as MCAST. By means of the 2021 (Chapter 607) amendments to the Education Act, the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority (MFHEA) was established to advise Government through a structured dialogue with all institutions so as to work towards sustainable development of the further and higher education sectors to meet the needs of society. Its main functions are:
•    ascertaining the needs and the aspirations of further and higher education institutions;
•    informing the public of issues connected with sustainable development of further and higher education sectors in Malta in order to meet the needs of society; and
•    providing advice to Government on any matter which is connected with the further and higher education sectors.
Since its inception, the MFHEA has carried out studies on higher education in relation to the Bologna Process and the Copenhagen Process that have been the subject of wide-ranging consultation resulting in major developments.