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Continuing professional development for academic staff working in higher education


9.Teachers and education staff

9.6Continuing professional development for academic staff working in higher education

Last update: 27 November 2023

University teachers, except for lectors, of university higher education institutions, take an active part in research, development, therapeutical-preventive or artistic activities oriented at acquisition of new knowledge, developmental products or works of art, or, artistic performances. The university teacher is responsible for the way of his professional development by himself, there is no methodology that would regulate or propose solutions.


Organisational aspects


Professional development and education of higher education teachers is regulated and provided by each university and vocational higher education institution independently. However, the employees have a possibility to develop their professional competencies by means of professional activities on the national and international level including conferences, internships, and research and development projects.


Incentives for participation in continuing professional development (CPD) activities

Incentives for the professional development of higher education academic staff include project appeals and grants for research and development (KEGA, VEGA (SK), SRDA), Erasmus + traineeships and internships, appeals for an increase in research and quality improvement of education at higher education institutions within the European Social Fund projects.