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Last update: 15 March 2023


General upper secondary schools for adults (in Finnish: aikuislukio) are either separate schools or separate sections in normal upper secondary schools. Besides a complete general upper secondary degree, these institutions offer individual courses in different subjects, and preparatory instruction and lower secondary education for adults.

Ammatillinen aikuiskoulutuskeskus

Vocational adult education centres (in Finnish: ammatillinen aikuiskoulutuskeskus) are municipal or private educational institutions that arrange vocational upper secondary education for adults.

Ammatillinen erikoisoppilaitos

Specialised vocational instutions (in Finnish: ammatillinen erikoisoppilaitos) are owned by industrial or service companies and offer training according to the company's needs.


Universities of applied sciences (in Finnish: ammattikorkeakoulu) provide higher non-university vocational education in usually multidisciplinary surroundings for matriculated students and those with qualifications from secondary vocational education.

Avoin yliopisto

Open universities (in Finnish: avoin yliopisto) offer individual courses or larger modules in different fields for learners not studying in a degree programme. The studies are available regardless of the educational background of the learner.

Kandidaatin tutkinto

A bachelor’s degree (in Finnish: kandidaatin tutkinto) is the lower academic degree in the new two-stage degree system in universities. Before 1994 kandidaatin tutkinto was used to refer to the higher academic degree.