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Other dimensions of internationalisation in adult education and training


13.Mobility and internationalisation

13.6Other dimensions of internationalisation in adult education and training

Last update: 16 June 2022

Adult education covers all levels of education in Finland. Therefore, the requirements and practices of a certain level of education also apply to adult education.

Some Competence-based qualification (see also Chapter 8 Adult education and training) that are mainly directed at adults, especially further and specialist education, contain international elements. This, however, varies from qualification to qualification. Adult education institutions in Finland are actively involved in international cooperation projects mainly funded through EU-funded programmes such as Erasmus+ Programme. One of the challenges is to set up and maintain long term cooperation and networks.

Adult education institutes find that participation in international projects is primarily a means to build networks to other countries. Other important motivators were the development of the institutions and activities and professional development of personnel.

Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE) is a web platform that furthers international cooperation.