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Other dimensions of internationalisation in adult education and training


13.Mobility and internationalisation

13.6Other dimensions of internationalisation in adult education and training

Last update: 27 November 2023

Switzerland, represented by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), is participating in the Copenhagen Process in the field of vocational training. This process aims to guarantee, at national and international level, permeability, transparency and mobility.

The Confederation is campaigning at a number of levels for better international recognition of the strengths of the Swiss vocational training system and its excellent reference to the labour market. The objectives are the improved recognition of leaving qualifications and greater mobility of skilled workers. Mobility has an important role in today’s working world. Recognition of diplomas also plays an important role to this end: for many professions the foreign diploma must be recognised by an authority. Under the Swiss-EU Bilateral Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons Switzerland works closely together with the EU and participates in the European diploma recognition system. Persons from third countries may also have their diploma recognised in Switzerland.

In Switzerland’s international strategy on education, research and innovation adopted on 30 June 2010 the Federal Council set the aim of promoting equivalent social recognition of general education and vocational education pathways. A national qualifications framework (NQR-CH) and diploma supplements for vocational training qualifications are intended to contribute to this aim.



Europass enables everybody in Europe to present their professional qualifications clearly and in a standardised format, irrespective of where they obtained their knowledge – be it at school, university or as part of study and training placements. The Europass thus supports the mobility of workers, students and trainees. More than 30 countries are participating in the Europass initiative. 


WorldSkills Europe

WorldSkills Europe (WSE) supports the EU lifelong learning programme and aims to promote the attractiveness and importance of the vocational training across Europe. The main aim is the promotion of excellence in vocational and profession qualifications, vocational training and craftsmanship of young professionals.

In Switzerland SwissSkills is the authorised national qualification organisation. As a hub of contacts and information, a communication platform, and also through extensive services, SwissSkills supports professional associations hosting Swiss championships, and participants in international professional championships.