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Other dimensions of internationalisation in adult education and training


13.Mobility and internationalisation

13.6Other dimensions of internationalisation in adult education and training

Last update: 27 November 2023

European, global and intercultural dimension in curriculum development

Global and intercultural dimension in the framework of formal programmes/provision for adult learners are described under the sections on Other Dimensions of Internationalisation in Early Childhood and School Education and Other Dimensions of Internationalisation in Higher Education.

Non-formal programmes and provisions of adult education encompass global perspective and reflect intercultural aspects of the contemporary world. Multitude of adult liberal arts and interest-related education programmes and courses offer possibilities to learn the world languages and various aspects and traditions of the world cultures. From the 17-18th century European royal court and ballet choreography, to Spanish flamenco and Okinawan goju-ryu karate-do - different training courses offer opportunity for adult learners in Latvia to experience a richness and diversity of the World’s arts and cultures.

Partnerships and networks

Among many of partnerships, Latvia’s membership in the European Association of Regional and Local Authorities for Lifelong Learning - EARLALL - can be mentioned. The Association currently includes the co-operation of 16 regional and local authorities aiming to influence European policy and to co-operate in projects in the field of lifelong learning. EARLALL aims to reach a high degree of collaboration among its members in the field of the Lifelong Learning policies and establish a close cooperation with the European Union institutions.

EPALE - Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe  - is provided in Latvian language and for Latvian adult education stakeholders, too. EPALE is open for teachers, trainers, researchers, academics, policy makers and anyone else with a professional role in adult learning across Europe. Members of the community can engage with adult learning colleagues across Europe  through the site’s features. They can find projects and make professional connections using the partner search repository of EPALE.