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Guidance and counselling in higher education


12.Educational Support and Guidance

12.6Guidance and counselling in higher education

Last update: 27 November 2023

Academic guidance

Academic counselling for students is mainly provided by two services:

The Centre for Documentation and Information on Higher Education (CEDIES; Centre de Documentation et d'Information sur l'Enseignement Supérieur) is a service of the ministry of Higher Education and Research. It provides information and guidance to pupils, students and anyone who wishes to be informed on higher education in Luxembourg and abroad. In addition to a broad range of information activities (such as individual interviews, events in secondary schools, resource centre, publishing of specialised brochures, organising of an annual student fair), the CEDIES manages the State’s financial aid for higher education.

The Student Services (SEVE; Service des études et de la Vie étudiante) of the University of Luxembourg accompany students from the beginning of their studies until their early working life (Alumni association). SEVE manages the obligatory mobility of bachelor students and organises their training periods within organisations.

Psychological counselling

There is no specific provision for psychological support to students.

Career guidance

Students of the Luxembourg University may consult the career guidance service Campus Carrières. Furthermore, the annual event gives them an opportunity to make contact with potential employers.

Just as any adults in Luxembourg, students may seek information from the Employment agency's Service for vocational guidance (ADEM/OP; Agence pour le développement de l’emploi / Service de l'Orientation professionnelle).