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National reforms related to transversal skills and employability

Czech Republic

14.Ongoing reforms and policy developments

14.5National reforms related to transversal skills and employability

Last update: 8 February 2023


Operational Programme Employment Plus was launched

With the new programme period 2021–2027, a new Operational Programme Employment Plus (OPE+ (Operační program Zaměstnanost plus) was launched in Czechia. OPE+ is a key prerequisite for the use of funds from the European Social Fund Plus in the area of employment and social inclusion. It follows on from the Operational Programme Employment (Operační program Zaměstnanost) implemented in Czechia in the years 2014–2020. The governing body of the programme is the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

The total amount allocated for OPE+ is approximately CZK 49 billion (EUR 2 billion; CZK/EUR 24.54 – 9 September 2022). Almost half of this allocation will be dedicated to promoting employment, workforce adaptability and gender equality.

There are five priority areas stipulated in the OP, among them the priority area The Future of Work the specific goals of which are, among others:

  1. Support for employment on the labour market for all job seekers, especially for young people, long-term unemployed and groups disadvantaged on the labour market as well as for inactive persons; among the intended activities is also the support of further education (in particular the increase, extending or developing of existing qualifications) or measures supporting the return to education, possibly leading to the development of basic competences.
  2. To promote gender-balanced participation in the labour market, equal working conditions and a better balance between work and personal life; the intended activities include the building and operation of quality, financially and locally available childcare services in order to increase the participation of parents with young children in the labour market.


Strategy for Education Policy of the Czech Republic 2030+

On 19 October, the government approved the Strategy for Education Policy of the Czech Republic 2030+ (hereinafter referred to as the “Strategy 2030+ ”), which sets out the direction of education development and investment priorities for the next ten years. The aim is to modernise the education system of Czechia in the field of regional education, leisure time activities and non-formal education and lifelong learning. The Strategy 2030+ has two main strategic objectives, which will be implemented through five strategic lines. Within these lines, e.g. the measures in the area of innovation of the system of fields of education will be elaborated. The aim is to modernise the system of vocational fields of education and thus facilitate the transition of school leavers to the labour market and also to support acquiring qualifications already during the studies. For more details, see New Strategy for Education Policy of the Czech Republic 2030+ approved.


OP Employment – Calls in the area of employment and adaptability of the workforce (2020)

Under the Operational Programme Employment, several calls supporting employment and adaptability of the workforce have been announced in 2020 the aim of which is to:

1. increase adaptability of older workers, to improve the professional level of knowledge, skills and competencies of workers and to increase compliance of the qualification level of the workforce with the requirements of the labour market:

2. reduce the differences in status between women and men on the labour market:

3. increase the employment rate of supported young people, who are not in employment, education or training:

For more information on particular calls see the website of the Operační program Zaměstnanost (Operational Programme Employment).