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National reforms in early childhood education and care


14.Ongoing reforms and policy developments

14.1National reforms in early childhood education and care

Last update: 21 February 2024
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There have been no reforms.


There have been no reforms.


Educational guidelines for the ECEC 0-3 – update   

The National guidelines for the early childohood education services (Orientamenti nazionali per i servizi educativi per l'infanzia) have been published with the Ministerial Decree no. 43/2022.  

The document consists of six chapters covering the following topics: 
The history of childhood education services
The rights and the potentials of the child in the first thousand days of life
The educational alliance with parents, the relationships and participation
The characteristics and actions of the educational profession
The organisational aspects such as spaces, furniture, materials, etc.
The continuity of the aims and curriculum in the integrated system from 0 to 6 years of age

National guidelines for the ECEC services are the last published document among the three steering documents that make up the educational frame for the integrated system 0-6. 

Source: Ministry of education (last visited August 2022)