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Management staff working in adult education and training


10.Management and other education staff

10.7Management staff working in adult education and training

Last update: 23 June 2022

The management staff in the public centres that offer adult education (EPA) offered by the Educational administrations, is the same as that of the centres that offer non-university education.

The single-member governing bodies of the public institutions are the members of the management team, regulated by the article 34 of the Royal Decree 82/1996 and by article 33 of the Royal Decree 83/1996

  • school head;
  • head of studies;
  • secretaries;
  • other members determined by the educational authorities.

In all cases, it is composed of teaching staff that combine their teaching with leadership and management responsibilities.

When Adult Education is provided by the Employment Authorities, the management staff is hired for a period lasting as long as the project they are going to join.

The contract is made by a promoting body after the candidate has passed a selection process carried out by a mixed group of the a State Public Employment Service (SEPE), or public employment entity of the corresponding Autonomous Community and the organisation responsible for the promotion of the project. The mixed group establishes the procedure to be followed, preferably through an offer handled by the employment office and/or through a public call. People previously included in the Employment Authorities’ expert files may also be taken into account.