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Home-based provision


4.Early childhood education and care

4.4Home-based provision

Last update: 27 November 2023

Objectives and accessibility 

Home-based provision is regulated by the Social Welfare Act as part of childcare service. Childcare services can be provided at the child's home, the babysitter's home, care facilities, etc. Local governments can also use the premises of ECEC institutions, schools, and day centers.

Requirements for childminders and child ratios 

Requirements for childcarers include:

  1. the profession of a childcarer awarded on the basis of the Professions Act or
  2. at least secondary or vocational education, work experience with children, and suitable personal characteristics which shall be assessed by the employer;
  3. at least a 16-hour first aid training during the preceding 36 months.

A babysitter may care for up to five children at a time in the child´s home and up to ten children in other premises (incl. her own home).

If the childcare service is provided outside the child´s home the premises have to comply with the health protection requirements for the childcare service established on the basis of the Public Health Act, and the requirements of the Building Code. The service provider has to hold an activity license.