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Home-based provision


4.Early childhood education and care

4.4Home-based provision

Last update: 27 November 2023

Objectives and accessibility

Both childminder agencies and childminders are inspected (checked) by the GGD. The inspection of a childminder agency is done annually and childminders are inspected randomly. 

All requirements for childminders are set out in the Childcare Act. The Innovation and Quality childcare act (wet IKK) does not apply to childminders.


Requirements for childminders and child ratios

The main requirements for childminders (gastouders) are:


Registered childminders are given a maximum number of children that they can care for at any one time. The number of children at a time depends on their ages.

  • Maximum of 6 children aged 0 to 13 at any one time
  • Maximum of 5 children up to 4 years of age at any one time
  • Maximum of 4 children up to 2 years old at any one time
  • Maximum of 2 babies (up to 1 year old) at any one time

Registered childminders are an attractive option for parents who work irregular hours, live in rural areas or prefer their child to be cared for in a domestic setting. Under the Childcare Act a registered childminder provides flexible childcare in a family setting. This is arranged through childminder agencies , which act as brokers between parents and childminders.