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EACEA National Policies Platform:Eurydice
National reforms in early childhood education and care


14.Ongoing reforms and policy developments

14.1National reforms in early childhood education and care

Last update: 25 March 2024


No reforms.


Unified admissions system

Amendments to the Law on Education have changed the way applications for admission are submitted, moving from the previously decentralised, district-by-district practice to a single, online application platform.

The public body I Study in Lithuania (Mokausi Lietuvoje), will administer a centralised admissions system for all pre-school, pre-primary, primary, lower secondary, upper secondary, non-formal children’s education, and formal, supplementary education programmes. As there will be no more paper applications, those who do not have a computer or other facilities at home will be able to submit their applications through the system at the municipal offices.

The platform also provides information on education providers, education programmes, admission conditions and the results of admissions.


No reforms.