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Guidance and counselling in higher education


12.Educational support and guidance

12.6Guidance and counselling in higher education

Last update: 27 November 2023
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Career Guidance

Within each university there is a career centre, providing the students with the following free services:

  • Information about vacant trainee and job positions;
  • Information about particular employers;
  • Career orientation:

What is the position we are applying for?

What type of knowledge and skills are required for facing the challenges of a particular position?

How can my appointment to that position help and what are the possible next stages of career development?

  • Training and seeking for job and internship strategies;
  • Help with the preparation of a CV, cover letter and other documents required when applying for a particular position;
  • Preparation for the entire selection process:

How does a job interview pass?

What does the employer expect?

What should be our behavior during an interview?

What should we do after the interview?

  • Participation in company presentations and seminars;
  • Acquisition of practical office skills.

Click here for the the full list of career guidance centre at HEIs