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Continuing professional development for teachers and trainers working in adult education and training


9.Teachers and Education Staff

9.9Continuing professional development for teachers and trainers working in adult education and training

Last update: 27 November 2023

The professional development of specialists involved in adult education is achieved through:

  • Elaborating and conducting teachers’ qualification programmes;
  • Motivating higher schools to include adult education training in their pedagogical study courses;
  • Involving higher schools in organizing teachers’ and trainers’ qualification courses;
  • Development and application of adult education teaching methods.

In the Republic of Bulgaria the profession of an adult educator does not belong to the list of officially elaborated and recognized professions. Is also there is no an organized national system for training of teachers and trainers working in the education and training of adults.

This means that the teachers and trainers of children working in the the formal education system have the right to work as adult educators/ trainers and facilitators.

In the majority of cases the trainers of adult come from the formal education system: these are teachers and / or university teachers.

Therefore, their professional development is achieved by:

  • Development and implementation of additional specialized training programs for teachers;
  • Motivation of higher education institutions to include adult education in their pedagogical training courses;
  • Attracting higher education institutions in organizing courses for improving the qualifications of teachers and trainers;
  • Development and implementation of modern methods in andragogics in the process of teaching adult education.

The teacher /or university teachers is the key figure in the learning process of the adults with a leading role in the transmission of educational content and form of learning skills and the organization of educational process as a whole. Brings professional responsibility for setting goals, learning tasks and assessment of learning of the trainees / students. Other participants in the educational process can be mentors, trainers, consultants, masters and others. non-teaching staff.

Characteristics of the Continuing Professional Development for Teachers and Trainers Working in Adult Education and Training - stems from the essence of Andragogic process based on partnership and cooperation suggesting a relationship of trust, respect, clear rules and allocation of rights and responsibilities.

Continuing Professional Education / Training of Teachers and Trainers working in Adult Education and Training are carried out:

  • By higher education institutions and their specialized structures for conducting trainings for teacher training for adults;
  • Through a carrying out workplaces of the specialized courses for training of teachers for adults. 

Teacher of the adults are required to be aware of their role and function - his motivation to support and facilitate the process of learning; be able to understand the educational needs of adult learners, possess technical and practical skills to organize this training and the creation of a training situation.

In some multi-national companies human resources managers are responsible for the in-service training. They work with teachers and/оr trainers from the formal or non-formal sector and the quality of provision is tested “by doing”. 

In higher education institutions which are accredited to conduct additional training in specialties from the professional field "Pedagogy" in recent years has been incorporated specialized training/moduls for adult learning. It includes about 60 hours of lectures and seminars. 

Is also in a number of Bulgarian universities have developed and adopted a new master and specialized programs for the continuing professional teaching of adults.

These educational and training programs for Continuing Professional Development for Teachers and Trainers Working in Adult Education and Training put an emphasis on:

  • Development of methodical manuals for teachers of the adults, suitable for self-study;
  • Qualitative characteristics of the training of students and professionals as adult educators (multipliers, etc.).

Continuing/ specialization training for all participants in the learning process for adults include:

  • For teachers - in methodology of teaching the adults by providing additional knowledge, implementation of interactive educational technologies, supporting training, exchange of experience and best practices
  • For teachers and students - corporate training to learn about innovations in the profession (modern technology, machinery, materials), the periodic training in leading companies and etc.
  • Directors of schools - management, marketing, ICT, entrepreneurship and others.

Continuing Professional Development for Teachers and Trainers Working in Adult Education and Training is an expression of initiative on the part of both employers and the teachers themselves. 

Obligation of the administration of the Ministry of Education and the Regional Education Inspectorates is good knowledge of the Qualifying activity and directing anyone wishing to obtain a high qualification in Adult Education Area.

To the present by EU funding is provided an additional financial opportunity Adult Education teachers to develop their skills through projects under the operational program "Science and education for smart growth" from 2014 to 2020.

The first measure has a budget of 20 000 000 levа and provide training to 17 000 people, of which 2000 aged 34 years. 

The second operation named ,,Adult literacy - Phase 1" with total amount of the grant procedure 25 million levs.

The third is to increase the capacity to work in a multicultural environment (including Adult education) with a budget of 5 million lev in the form of grants of 50 000 to 100 000 leva. It is laid down enshrined training of 2 000 people. These two schemes enable all wishing to receive grants to improve their qualifications, including specialized training in the field of Adult education.