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Quality assurance in adult education and training


11.Quality assurance

11.3Quality assurance in adult education and training

Last update: 27 November 2023

Responsible bodies

No developed system of quality assurance prescribed by the competent authority exists in adult education in the Republic of Croatia. Already established quality assurance system in vocational education and training can serve as an easily applicable system in adult education. Some institutions have their own quality assurance systems developed according to their own criteria and needs.


Approaches and methods for quality assurance

Further development of self-assessment of adult education institutions, where all institutions will be included in a systematic way, will be implemented through the ESF project Development of QA System in Adult Education. The starting point for the development of this model will be the self-assessment that is carried out in vocational education institutions that will be implemented in adult education programs. The model will include the selection of quality areas and quality criteria relevant to monitoring and improving quality in adult education. After the development of the self-assessment model, self-assessment tools will be developed (an e-tool for self-assessment of adult education institutions, manuals and tools for self-assessment). The self-assessment model will include support to adult education institutions in the implementation of the self-assessment process, and the piloting of the self-assessment model will be carried out. After the pilot phase, the self-assessment model will be evaluated and the model will be improved as needed.