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Validation of non-formal and informal learning


8.Adult education and training

8.5Validation of non-formal and informal learning

Last update: 27 November 2023

Validation of non-formal and informal learning covers all levels of education.

There is no single framework for validation procedures and no single national institution undertaking validation. Instead, different tasks and roles are distributed among institutions involved in lifelong learning.

At the national government level, key responsibilities lie with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. The latter publishes occupational standards, verifies educational and training institutions and funds the National Examination Centres for the assessment and certification of non-formal and informal learning. The Slovenian Institute for Adult Education provides training to assessors and advisors, and the Institute for Vocational Education and Training is responsible for the National Vocational Qualifications system, among other responsibilities. In addition, the National Examinations Centre develops assessment and validation methodologies and procedures for all types of qualifications. 

As far as formal educational qualifications are concerned, an important step toward centralization of validation has been undertaken with the development of the Slovenian Qualifications Framewor (SQF). This is a common framework that covers all levels of education.

Another relevant national framework is the system of National Vocational Qualifications that cover a broad range of sectors. This formalised system enables candidates to demonstrate their skills and knowledge for the effective performance of specific occupational tasks. These are assessed according to occupational standards defined at the national level. Successful candidates receive formal certificates which prove that their holders are competent in a specific vocation or in specific tasks.

For a detailed description of the validation system, please see the report on Slovenia at the Cedefop website.