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Assessment in the second and third stage of secondary education

Belgium - Flemish Community

6.Secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary education

6.6Assessment in the second and third stage of secondary education

Last update: 27 November 2023

Pupil/Students assessment

See first stage

Progression of pupils/students

See first stage


Certificates granted by the school

 At the end of the school year three types of orientation certificates can be granted:

  • a certificate A, when the pupil has successfully finished the school year
  • a certificate B, when the pupil is granted access to the next year, but which excludes certain types of education or courses of study
  • a certificate C, which implies that a pupil must repeat the year

At the end of the second stage a certificate of that stage is granted to pupils who have passed. At the end of the third stage a Secondary Education Certificate is granted.

In every course of study of the second and third grade of the third stage and within all types of education a certificate on the basic knowledge of business administration can be obtained. This certificate is a precondition in case one wants to establish itself as a self-employed person.

Certificates granted by the Examination Board of the Flemish Community for fulltime secondary education

See first stage