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Assessment in post-secondary non-tertiary education


6.Secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary education

6.12Assessment in post-secondary non-tertiary education

Last update: 3 February 2024


Pupil/Student assessment

The pupil’s/student’s performance is measured with individual examinations and the indication of “participation”. The individual examinations include oral or written examinations as well as project work. The assessment is made by the teachers of the subject in question.

In the case of individual examinations, performance is assessed with the marks 1-5, participation with “successfully participated” or “fail”. The assessment of practical subjects is based on the grades “passed with distinction”, “passed with merit”, “passed” and “failed”.

Each examination can be repeated if the candidate does not pass it. If the result is again negative here, it can be taken as a partial examination within the framework of the diploma examination. If the student does not pass an internship class, the internship must be repeated in its entirety.

At the end of the training year a certificate is issued, signed by the director of the school. 

Progression of pupils/students

Students of a school for advanced-level healthcare professions can move up to the next level if they have successfully completed all the subjects and internships of the training year.

In the event of negative success, a training year can be repeated. However, only the following conditions may exist: 

  • A maximum of 2 internships were not passed
  • The repeated examination was marked with “fail” or the student did not take it.
  • If a student’s performance could not be assessed for various reasons (e.g. lack of attendance). 

Complete withdrawal from the training with negative success is necessary if

  • More than 3 subjects were marked with “fail”.
  • More than 2 internships were marked with “fail”.
  • More than 2 subjects and one internship were not passed.
  • More than 1 subject and 2 internships were not passed.

Parents are not involved in this process. 


Healthcare and nursing schools are completed with a diploma exam before a committee. The diploma is issued by the respective school and contains the overall assessment of the diploma exam, the authorisation to exercise the profession and the professional title.