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Short-Cycle Higher Education


7.2.First-cycle programmes

7.2.2Short-Cycle Higher Education

Last update: 12 June 2022

Short-cycle professional studies last between two and two and a half years. Their completion earns a student 120 to 150 ECTS credit points and the professional degree of associate, including a specialization.


Branches of study

According to the Directory of Study Programmes of the Ministry of Science and Education, there was one accredited short-cycle professional course in 2019, in the field of technical science.


Admission requirements

See under undergraduate studies.



See under undergraduate studies.


Teaching methods

See under undergraduate studies.


Progression of students

See under undergraduate studies.



See under undergraduate studies.


Student assessment

See under undergraduate studies.



Short-cycle professional studies are completed by passing all required exams, although a specific study programme may also require the taking of the final exam and/or writing a thesis. Upon completion of short-cycle professional studies, students receive a certificate.

Graduates with this level of professional competence may enrol in programmes that will earn them the first-level professional degree, or they can immediately enter the labour market.