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EACEA National Policies Platform:Eurydice
Legislation and official policy documents


15.Legislation and official policy documents

Last update: 12 April 2024


Relevant legal acts under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Children


2023    Act No. 91/2023 on the Education and School Service Agency (in force since April 2024)

2023    Notice no. 897/2023 amending the National curriculum guide for preschools

2021    Act No. 86/2021 on Prosperity (in force since 2022)

2021    Education Policy 2030 (Iceland's 2030 education strategy

2019    Act No. 95/2019 on the education and recruitment of teachers (in force since 2020)

2015    Act N0. 91/2015 on the establishment of the Directorate of Education (no longer in force)

2015    National Agreement on literacy (policy on literacy goals)

2014    White Paper on Education Reform (policy reform)

2014    Reduced length of upper-secondary schooling

2013    The establishment of the Council of Continuous Professional Development of Teachers

2013    National Qualification Framework for Higher Education

2012    Teacher Training Requirement

2012    National Curriculum Guides for all school levels

2012    No. 230/2012, based on Article 34 of the Upper Secondary Act, No. 92/2008

2011    External Evaluation of Education

2011    Act No. 126/2011

2011    National Qualifications Framework

2011    Quality Enhancement Handbook for Icelandic Higher Education in 2011

2011    Framework providing incentives for companies to train and support students in the workplace

2011    The Icelandic Student Loan Fund

2010    Adult Education Act

2010    Act No. 162/2010

2010    A grant-aided institution, the Education and Training Service Centre

2010    Government 2020 Moving Iceland Forward Initiative

2008    Act No. 90/2008 on Pre-schools

2008    Act No. 87/2008

2008    Act No. 91/2008 on Compulsory Schools

2008    Act No. 92/2008 on Upper Secondary Schools

2008    Act No. 85/2008 on Public Higher Education Institutions 

2007    Act No. 70/2007 on Youth

2006    Act No. 63/2006 on Public Higher Education Institutions

2006    Samfés Youth Council

2004    National Curriculum for Compulsory School of 2004

1997    Act No. 136/1997 on Higher Education

1996    Act No. 72/1996

1996    Act No. 80/1996 on upper secondary education

1991    Act on Compulsory Education

1991    Act on Pre-schools and Daycare centers

1990    Act on Compulsory Education

1989    National Curriculum Guide

1974    National Curriculum Guide