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Guidance and counselling in early childhood and school education


12.Educational support and guidance

12.4Guidance and counselling in early childhood and school education

Last update: 27 November 2023

Professional support in education is provided by teachers and expert associates, schools’ physicians, experts form employment office and other expert from social care institutions, health-care institutions and other specialised institutions, civil society experts following an approval by the relevant ministry, and counsellors from the agencies responsible for education.


Pedagogical observation procedure

When determining a child’s psycho-physical condition and his/her readiness for kindergarten or school (experts, school’s physician, pedagogue, psychologist, special needs educationalist, teacher) can identify that a child is undergoing certain difficulties. The commission can suggest additional examination by specialists. However, in order to determine the child’s psycho-physical condition the enrolment commission more frequently suggests a pedagogical observation procedure, which is undertaken when the child’s special needs were not identified prior to entry into school. If the difficulty was identified before (e.g. in kindergarten), the parent(s) need(s) to provide full diagnostic documentation.