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Programmes outside the bachelor and master structure


7.Higher education

7.4Programmes outside the bachelor and master structure

Last update: 27 November 2023

Institutions for distance learning

The CROHO register (only available in Dutch) also mentions institutions for distance learning. For example:

  • LOI (Leiden Educational Institutions) (only available in Dutch);
  • NTI (Dutch Language Institute) (only available in Dutch);
  • Open University (OU);
  • NHA (National Trade Academy) (only available in Dutch).

The courses mentioned in the registers are all acknowledged. The courses of the Open University are all acknowledged. The institutions of LOI, NTI and NHA also offer non-acknowledged courses. These courses are not mentioned in the registers.

Acknowledged courses meet the requirements of the law. These requirements are mentioned in:


Open University the Netherlands 

The WHW), are to provide initial courses at university level in the form of distance education and contribute to innovation in higher education. By dispensing with formal admission requirements and offering considerable flexibility as regards place, duration and pace of study, the OUNL makes higher education accessible to a wide range of people. There are 12 study centres and 2 support centres in the Netherlands and 6 study centres in Flanders, which provide information, guidance and advice for students in relation to their studies. Although the OUNL is independent, it maintains contacts with other institutions of higher education.

Certificates and diplomas

Students who pass their examinations are awarded a certificate which can then be ‘traded in’ if they subsequently decide to follow a full OUNL programme. A full university degree can be obtained by completing one of the eight degree programmes.

Academic titles

The Open University of the Netherlands has the right to award students completing a degree programme legally recognised titles such as ‘BA’ and ‘MA’. It is also possible to obtain a doctorate (‘Dr’).

Additional information

There are no admission requirements for enrollment at the Open University. When someone is 18 years or older, he / she may apply for a training. The courses of the Open University are all recognized.

Leiden Educational Institutions (LOI) is a commercial institution that provides distance learning. LOI provides more than 900 accredited programs and courses.

Dutch Language Institute (NTI) provides distance learning over 70 years. NTI offers more than 850 programs and courses, from short courses to complete master's programs.

The National Trade Academy (NHA) has been offering distance education in 80 years. The NHA was founded by a teacher who wanted to make education affordable and accessible for everyone. High quality and low tuition fees, that is the mission of the NHA.