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Short-cycle higher education


7.2.First-cycle programmes

7.2.2Short-cycle higher education

Last update: 27 November 2023

Introducing short-cycle programmes into higher education institutions or other tertiary education institutions was suggested in the framework of higher education reforms. This suggestion was rejected by the representatives of higher education institutions during discussions on the scheme of higher education and its legislation.

In the classification of education CZ-ISCED 2011 derived from the international classification, however, as the short-cycle programme (short cycle tertiary professional education) is considered the last stage of training of the conservatoire (konzervatoř). Specifically, it concerns the education in the last two years of conservatoires, i.e. the grades 7 and 8 of the eight-year conservatoires and the grades 5 and 6 of the six-year conservatoires. It is, however, a study within the same school / one educational programme, rather than a separate programme. Given that programmes in conservatoire mainly include secondary education, the education is described in Chapter 6 on Upper Secondary Education and Post-secondary Non-tertiary Education in the sections on Conservatoires.