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Administration and governance at local and/or institutional level


2.Organisation and governance

2.7Administration and governance at local and/or institutional level

Last update: 27 November 2023

Organisation at local level

The municipalities (kommun) have great autonomy to administer the education system within the legislative framework set up by the government. The municipal council is the highest decision making body in the municipality. In the municipalities school responsibility has been delegated to a board.

The municipalities are bound by law to provide to their in habitants a number of basic services for which they receive state subsidies. In addition, they have the right to levy income taxes and in some cases also to charge fees to finance their activities. State grants constitute around one sixth of the municipalities' income. Municipalities are the principal organisers of:

The municipality is also the employer of school personnel and hence responsible for their professional development.

Each municipal council appoints one or more committees responsible for ensuring that educational activities are provided in accordance with the law and state regulations and guidelines and that the best possible conditions for education are created. The committee or committees responsible for schools are obliged to ensure that:

  • Goals of the curricula are achieved and general regulations are followed
  • Municipal funds are allocated for school activities
  • Qualified teaching and non-teaching staff is recruited and that staff members are offered competence development, CPD
  • The provision of appropriate facilities for schools

In practice, it is the responsibility of the municipalities to ensure that schools throughout the country maintain good standards. The municipalities should follow-up and evaluate education on a regular basis, as well as take part in national evaluations. According to the Ordinance on quality reporting each school must monitor and evaluate its own activities.

Organisation at institutional level

Regarding the role and responsibilities of the preschool head and school head see chapter 10.1.