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Slovakia: Mental Health and Prevention National Project

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Slovakia: Mental Health and Prevention National Project

10 April 2024
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The Research Institute of Child Psychology and Pathopsychology launched a national project entitled “Systemic Support of Mental Health and Prevention of Children, Pupils, and Students” through the Counselling and Prevention System. It will be implemented until October 2026.

The project aims to create and disseminate practical prevention tools. It also aims to provide education and conduct a campaign advocating for the support of professional and pedagogical employees in prevention. It focuses on preventing current problems such as cyberbullying, drug abuse, or eating disorders. Children will receive support throughout the education system, such as in classes in regular schools and school facilities, in counselling and prevention centres or special education centres and family and children’s centres.  

The Mental Health and Prevention National Project will introduce an online platform as well with several verified tools such as prevention programmes, methodologies and other materials on mental health and prevention of risk behaviour. It will also provide pedagogical and professional employees with standardised diagnostic and screening tools for professional activities promoting prevention and mental health support.

The project plans to support more than 1100 pedagogical and professional employees and organise at least 7000 hours of education by 2027. It will positively impact more than 10000 children, pupils and students. The national project will introduce systematic and long-term monitoring of the mental health of children, pupils, and students in Slovakia. The first outputs of the project should be available in 2025, and the complete report in 2026. The support tools will then be adjusted accordingly.

Source: Eurydice Unit Slovakia

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