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Portugal: New Learning Recovery Plan - 23|24 School+

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News & Articles

Portugal: New Learning Recovery Plan - 23|24 School+

03 October 2023
Country news

In June 2021, the Portuguese Ministry of Education launched the Learning Recovery Plan (21|23 Escola+) with the aim of assuring, in a timeframe of two years, the recovery of learning gaps incurred due to school closures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. A key goal of the new plan is, in particular, to mitigate the socially unequal impact this period has had on the most vulnerable students. The action defines measures in terms of curriculum, school organization, complementary resources and student well-being, based on three structuring axes of intervention: 

• Axis 1. Teaching and learning; 

• Axis 2. Supporting the educational community; 

• Axis 3. Knowing and evaluating. 


Almost two years after its launch and in order to comply with the overall conclusions that emerged from the Plan's follow-up studies (which included data in several areas of literacy, such as reading and understanding, mathematics and science), the Ministry of Education considered it important to approve a new learning recovery plan for the next school year. It therefore approved the 23|24 School+ Plan in the context of a new legal framework. This new edition is based on an integrated strategy for the recovery of primary and secondary students’ learning deficits generated by the COVID -19 disease pandemic and which still persist. 

This new legal framework also extends the mandate of the National School Success Promotion Programme, the existing structure responsible for monitoring this Plan, in collaboration with representants from all departments of the Ministry of Education. 

For more information: 0000200010.pdf ( 

Source: Eurydice Unit Portugal 

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