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Norway: The government wants to make secondary and tertiary education more relevant to the labour market  

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Norway: The government wants to make secondary and tertiary education more relevant to the labour market  

23 May 2023
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A new white paper on the Norwegian education system, “The Perspective Paper” (“Utsynsmeldingen”), emphasizes the need for an education providing people with the skills that society needs for the green transition, a highly productive working life and good welfare services in the future. 

Among the several challenges, the Norwegian Government has identified the following: 

  • The skills gap and the recruitment problems are largest in the sectors of technology, craftsmen, health and education,  

  • Due to the ageing of the population, the need for skilled workers in the health sector will increase, 

  • 44 per cent of the adults who are not in work have only completed primary education. 

  • The green transition will create needs for expertise in various sectors, among which technology. 

To cope with this, some of the Norwegian Government’s proposals are to:  

  • steer the educational pathways of pupils and students in secondary and tertiary education in line with the need of skills in the labour market, 

  • improve the supply of flexible and de-centralized tertiary vocational education and higher education, 

  • improve the cooperation between labour market authorities and counties, who are responsible for the secondary education. 


Source: Eurydice Unit Norway 


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