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Norway: Enhancing skills and competences for the green transition

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News & Articles

Norway: Enhancing skills and competences for the green transition

29 November 2023
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The Norwegian Committee on Skill Needs (Kompetansebehovsutvalget) is appointed by the Norwegian Government to analyse Norway's future competence requirements. In June 2023, the committee released a report report that delves into the challenges and opportunities of the country's green transition, and the corresponding skills needed to navigate this shift.

Education and skills play a crucial role in the success of the green transition, both in the short and long term. There is a need for new or improved competences, to drive forward the changes and to support individuals who will face job displacement or encounter new demands in their roles, and for those who will fill new jobs or work in new industries. Furthermore, the report highlights the lack of a comprehensive understanding of the skills required for the green transition within the working life, also emphasising on the need for better coordination and collaboration between the education system, working life and the authorities. The report suggests several possible measures and recommendations to address these issues, such as strengthening the knowledge base, developing relevant and flexible education and training programs, facilitating lifelong learning and career guidance, and ensuring social security and inclusion for workers in transition.

The committee identifies four main challenges for the green transition:

  1. the need for comprehensive restructuring of the entire society;
  2. the need for changes in how goods and services are produced, distributed, consumed and recycled;
  3. the need for a regulatory framework, business models and organizational and decision-making forms that support a just societal change towards lasting low emissions;
  4. the need for access to renewable energy, land and expertise.

The report also explores the implications of these challenges on various sectors and industries, such as energy, transport, agriculture, construction, finance, public administration and education.

For more information: Kompetansebehovsutvalget

Source: Eurydice Unit Norway

Picture credit: Eurydice Unit Norway

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